We provided production, rigging, sound, lights, etc. for outdoor festivals, concerts and concert tours of many world-famous international and Czech bands and artists alike. We'd like to mention our production efforts with Lucie that went on until 2001. Since 1999 we have been focusing exclusively on working with Kabat, and that relationship is ongoing.

In 2011 we added Wanastovi Vjeci - our private little love affair – to Kabat as well.

Corporate and promotional events

Thanks to diminishing interest in music media, unfortunately a global trend, we gradually started using our experience on a larger scale: promoting corporations, trademarks, services and products. In one word - events. As a little “bravado” we started this endeavor with a bang – the world premiere of Skoda Octavia at Old Times Square in Prague. With regards to the scope of that contract there was a world-wide tender – and we won that bid! Has a good ring to it, doesn't it? But let's be honest...who else if not a Czech company without travel and accommodation expenses... :) Currently, we work with a number of companies or their branches in Czech Republic. Our repeat clients include companies such as Vodafone Czech Republic, for which we acted as a POOL agency at their events for three years. The requirement for successfully fulfilling such assignment is to understand your client's philosophy and be able to present a custom-tailored solution.

PPA is able to – as we have proven on more than one occasion – provide not only technical support but also a turn-key production for conferences of any size. The 3-day conference of the European Parliament's PES fraction might be one worth mentioning.


It is a phenomenon of our times. The whole culturally developed world lives through musicals. Every world or European metropolis features several ongoing musicals. Prague most definitely belongs to that list.

Throughout its existence, PPA provided and delivered turn-key light design for original and licensed musicals alike. The last of these endeavors was a complete delivery of all technologies, light design and set for one of the most successful musicals of our times created upon a platform of ABBA's top hits, Mamma Mia. The performances took place at KCP (Prague Congress Center) in Prague.

We've participated in the making of the following musicals:



The shooting of Blade 2, a sequel of a successful movie staring Wesley Snipes, started March 12th, 2001 in Prague. The production crew then moved to New York, and the remaining exterior scenes were shot in Toronto. Prague's citizens were able to witness the making of this $55 million budget film in Letnany (scenes from factory setting) and in Strahov. We supplied lights and provided proposal and execution of light design for one of the action scenes in this movie.

Triple X, an American answer to British Agent 007 from the creators of Fast and Furious, is simply cool. Vin Diesel, Samuel L. Jackson, muscle cars, guns, beautiful women...
In this movie, we supplied set design and light design for Rammstein (shot in Chomutov) and provided a proposal of set and light design for Orbital (shot in Prague).

Furthermore, we participated in the making of movies such as: The Grimm Brothers, A Knight's Tale, James Bond 007, Casino Royal and others.

Music Awards

Andel 2001

The 11th annual Pop Music Academy Award was introduced in a new style. Above all, it changed its title, derived from the most significant symbol of the whole event: Ron's statue of golden, wing-clad angel with reed-pipe and swan's wings.
With this elegant trophy – which gets presented to music makers, projects and artists for their achievements in the field of Czech pop music – comes not one, but several improvements. The prizes were, for the first time in history, awarded as a part of a grand gala evening in Prague's Paegas Arena, where the brightest stars of Czech music sky performed live on the 7th of March. We designed the set and lighting for this event and did the same in 2002 and 2012.

Czech video clip of the decade

This is a four-month long event, Czech Video Clip of the Decade, which was announced at the beginning of 2001 by Czech TV and finally concluded with award ceremony on Friday, June 29th, 2001. The ceremony was part of a rock concert featuring cream of the crop of the nation's music scene at Prague's Paegas Arena, including a special guest, today almost non-existent Stromboli.
The jury of experts and general public were selecting the best Czech video clip from 1700 videos, which were made between 1990 and 2000. Ten of the best video clips, one for each year, were announced before the ceremony. Then, we could see all of these during the evening. We provided the set, lighting and sound for this event.

TV coverage and shows

Aside from music awards - which are mentioned above as a separate chapter, and where the close ties to our original field is evident - we first started renting our equipment and as a by default provided complete technical support during shooting. Then we graduated to creative proposals of sets and lighting, including complete delivery and execution.

What were we part of? 5 Proti 5, Hadej Kdo Jsem, Vyvoleni, Cesky Lev (16 consecutive years), Athlete of the Year, Concert for Kosovo, Kapka Nadeje, Co na to Cesi?, Konecne jsi Tady, Kure Detem, and others.

To create a full list of events in which we took part, including a detailed description, would probably be above our abilities.

By the way....we tip our hats to those of you who read the whole thing up to this point. You either had to have a very good reason or lots of time on your hands.
On a serious note...the full list, though only in the form of a list of events or just clients, can be found under CLIENTS

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