Set Design

From the very beginning, our company stood above the rest with its emphasis on high quality and creative approach to our shows. Back when we were starting to make our mark in this field, there was an absence of creative and flexible designers. It was that shortage, that made us do a lot of things ourselves. Unfortunately, the difference between an established classic set design used for decades in theaters, and a design used for concerts and events is not very obvious at the first glance.

This is why we created a dedicated team of people willing to explore the specifics of that design. While you're looking for a unique and creative design, it also needs to be feasible, it needs to be easily assembled and disassembled - including transportation – and it needs to be done with respect for other professions, especially the requirements of light designers and sound engineers.

PPA uses two different approaches, each with their own demands. An ideal and most comprehensive solution is one offered by WYSIWYG software, which was developed by CAST-Soft and gradually evolved into the best and most widely used visualization software in the world! We are proud to be working with this software and to be the owners of a licence number 36. Yes...we were visionaries in that respect, we believed in this “futuristic” solution (at the time), which then became an industry standard.

In this software, we are able to precisely and exactly create a virtual model of the entire space in which a show will take place and we can simulate all of the lights that will be used. Currently, we're also able to display LED walls, including their content.

To accommodate a very discerning client we can also – on our own – create a model of the entire set and its components in 3D Studio MAX software.

Our at least a partial success in this area is underlined by the fact that some of our complex designs appeared on relevant industry pages on the world wide web. Just to mention... STROMBOLI O2 SHOW 04.12.2012 was a show that was a bit atypical and one we're very proud of – and it was noticed abroad. CLAY PAKYLIVE-PRODUCTIONET-NOW  

Light Design

As mentioned above, we use WYSIWYG from CAST-Soft for creation of Light Design. The moment the set is approved, we start programming lights. The basic light placement prepared by a Light Designer takes the approved set into consideration. These simulated virtual lights get the exact same placement and parameters they will have at the venue. In our case, the entire show can be prepared utilizing SMPTE code (time code), which controls the entire show, including video distribution, teleprompter, motorized hoists, etc. In 2015 we pioneered this complex solution in Czech Republic during Kabat 2015 Tour.

This solution enables us to do a lot of the footwork and preparations ahead of time, without the need to set up the set and equipment, and – above all – without the need to rent the venue. The consequence of that is saving significant amounts of money. Until recently, the only option was to set everything up several days prior to the show and then program day and night for days....and then program some more...

As you can see on the images included, the simulated mock-up is almost indistinguishable from the real set. A good example of that is the U2 360 Tour, where half of the images are a virtual mock-up and half a real set.

Sound Design

At the first glance it looks and sounds crazy, but we'll happily explain. Not only can you create a 3D model of the set and program lights on a computer, the field of sound design experienced an unbelievable shift as well. No trial and error on the spot, but a complete and faithful simulation and setup of the entire sound system! You know where and how it's going to sound!!!

We use Soundvision software developed by L'Acoustics, whose sound systems we own and use. You can create a virtual model of the venue and configure the number and placement of speakers to achieve an optimal result. Once again, we are talking about an industry standard, indispensable in today's world of sound production.

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