Kabat tour 2017

The most successful Czech band, Kabát, finished its Tour 2017 at the sold out O2 Arena in Prague.

PPA has completely produced and secured equipment and technical support for the entire tour, which took almost two months! The technical and design solution with a stage  in the middle of an ice arena carries a lot of technical problems, but it provides an unusual experience for the audience. At the same time, all seating capacity is available. We were running three concerts a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday), and it was a challenge considering fourteen semi-trailers loaded with equipment. Furthermore, we were finding solutios for construction of the stage in arenas without suspension points and we had to build a classical ground support on twelve "legs". A crew of about 60 people were in charge of equipment and set up and 40 stagehands were added at each venue. Nobody in Czech Republic or Slovakia has done anything of that scope before!


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