Kabat Open Air Tour 2015

Monumental show, world-class stage... could a Kabat tour be anything else?

During the months of May and June we zigzagged 11 Czech cities as well as Piestany in Slovakia.

When we say “world-class stage”, we're not kidding:

The stage was 74 meters wide and approximately 14 meters tall. The stage itself amounted to some 750 m2. The lights design included 300 intelligent and 216 conventional lights. LED walls occupies some 450 m2, displayed imagery included video in 4K format. The sound system amplifiers pushed out some 350W. The configuration was based on a system of K2, SB28 and K1 SUB from one of the world's best – L'Acoustics. Everything had to fit into 28 semi trucks and the whole endeavor would not be possible without an outstanding team of about 70 people.