KABAT 2019

Kabat successfully “just about” finished their open air tour 2019, celebrating their 30-year anniversary in the same line up.

To successfully “just about” finish means that the band, realizing that the end of their tour might interfere with some well established summer festivals and not wanting to compete for that audience, finished most of their tour on Saturday, June 22nd and will be playing one more show on September 14th in Pilsen.

The tour was, and is, sold out - and PPA provided a complete technology and production service package. All of these shows took place at large soccer stadiums, each with approximately 25,000 person capacity. The show in Prague, thanks to the stadium’s larger capacity, hosted more than 30,000 people, which was somewhat symbolic with regards to the band’s 30th anniversary! Another thing that set Prague’s show apart from the rest of the tour was a larger roof, ordered from Stageco.

Otherwise, nothing “unexpected”… L’Acoustics K1, K2, SB28, K1 SUB… DiGiCo SD7 Quantum, SD5, SD12, … Clay Paky, Ma Lighting GrandMA Full, GrandMA Light, Hyppo, Sony, etc.

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