Music Industry Association has been founded.

PPA became a founding member of the newly formed AHP. The Association was founded 
by about 30 of the most important music industry subjects doing business in Czech Republic. Some of the founding members are, among others: LiveNation CZ, Bestsport (O2 Arena and O2 Universum), PPA, Glanc s.r.o., High Lite, AV Media, Forum Karlin, …

At its constitutive meeting, the AHP not only agreed across its member platform on its activities in the immediate future – which primarily consists of negotiations with the government of the Czech Republic in regards to prospective financial support from MPO CR and MK CR (this support has already been calculated to the tune of 900 million CZK) – but introduced the framework for the time period immediately following the current critical situation caused by COVID-19 pandemic. PPA representative has been elected to represent AHP as one of the members of AHP’s five-member executive committee.

Up to date information regarding AHP can be found at: www.ahp-cz.com